Notebooks + Doodles = A good combo

As a notebook doodler myself, I really love The Notebook Doodles blog and the pieces its creator creates! They are whimsical and romantic, but also make me think, or at least remind me of little, important truths. You can find more of the magic here. Here are a few of my faves...

How cool is her handwriting/font?

I love seeing little peeks into the doodles that people make in their personal notebooks. Especially because most of the time they are done less self-consciously because they aren't meant for anything in particular, but the creators themselves.


First Diana F+ Roll

New friend and member of my camera family, the lovely little Diana F+ mini! I never knew I could like a piece of plastic so very much. Thanks to my kind older brother, I have been playing around with this lomography cam for the past two weeks, and really enjoy what's come from it so far. I am definitely still learning, but it is just so fun to use (and cute and retro looking).

{image via refinery29}

Most people are initially very curious about the appearance of this little machine--its flash in particular. Sometimes I have to assure them that I am not going to take their souls away when I snap a shot of them.

Three of my friend Vinny in this world really wouldn't be a bad thing at all.

Some of the colors it picks up are crazy cool.


I love how you never know what you are going to end up with!

It is a good practice in delayed gratification, since with 35mm film you have to get photos developed...feels like so long ago when that was what we all did.

Ready to roll...

Nike commercial? My younger cousin is a stud.