A few shots from East Coast shows before we head West!

Tuned up.

I like watching audiences take in live music.

Look what I can do.

Another day in the office.

Sound check audience.

Tangled up in...cables.

Chris Ayer.

Pre-show stare down.

Red room. Green room.

Matty ready for some tunes.


Harmony was the Universe's gift to human's ears and soul.


Pretty Things

These two promo videos for Charlotte Ronson's clothing collection are adorable and I love that it's the same couple in each video, but in very different contexts.

Charlotte Ronson Spring 2008 video promo

Charlotte Ronson Fall 2009 video promo


Temperature (thermoception) #4: Warmth

In the long month of January, I get a lot of satisfaction from browsing beautiful pictures from warmer months and inviting climates. I did this a lot when I lived in Boston and the Winter seemed to drag on forever. So, I thought now would be a good time to share my first 2010 installment. Found this first image above on a lovely blog...SugarPopTarts. The rest are from a great, young Spanish photographer based in Brooklyn, Julia Soler.


Sight #11: Whimsy This

I'm a sucker for whimsical photo/video campaigns (that also usually end up having some kind of French influence) and the creators of this short one made for the DACE Spring 2010 collection made me swoon a little inside. Having only recently discovered DACE and find everything about them to be incredibly aesthetically pleasing and lovely, I thought I'd share this with you! I promise you won't regret it.

[found here]



Morning to Night


French press. Wake me up.

A little work in a little cafe (which I am very partial to).

I found this to be strange. However, New York City is strange, so you know...


Favorite time of day. Moon peaking out early to say hello!

Bar backs setting up...

Moules Frites. Yum.

The end...


Things that make you happy just because...

You know how there are those little (sometimes obscure) things in everyday life that make you happy or content just because? I'm talking specifically about those things that are at times difficult to explain to someone else why exactly you get so much satisfaction from them (kind of like a friend who you just like being around because they are them).

Well, I think it's important to recognize those things and if they aren't impossible to have in your everyday life, important to let yourself enjoy!

You can laugh if you want, but one of those tiny little things for me is the kind of pen I use to write with. Not saying I HAVE to use a specific pen (I'm not a pen snob by any means), but I like certain kinds. Some kinds just feel right (write). One kind in particular that I adore is LePen (as seen here).

They come in lots of different colors and make writing more exciting and fun (beyond the scope of black and blue) for me. In case you were wondering...I am partial to the grey, hunter green and red. Trust me, the way the ink slides on to the paper, it's lovely. If you need to get some writing done, I can guarantee these suckers help (at least to get you started). Thing is, those who prefer the classic bic style might not find the joy in these.

Maybe people hardly even use pens any more?...iphones, imacs and blackberries may have taken their place, but for me there's nothing quite like the feeling of writing on a piece of paper or in a journal. I'm a kinesthetic learner, so I like to write out things and make lists too. It helps me remember important things.

Other things I like just because...I forget where I found this photo above, but it makes me happy every time I see it...not much to explain. It's magical and I love the glintering light and the fact that they are hearts. It reminds me of the crystal prisms that my mom had in the kitchen when I was little and the way I felt in awe and so fascinated with all the colors and shapes they would make on the walls and ceilings every morning and afternoon.

This photo taken in London...to the outside eye, it's nothing special, but to me it is the shadows of my beloved singing group when we were on tour last year. I miss them and the way they made me feel truly a part of something. I don't get to see these very special people everyday like before, but their impressions will always be with me and in my heart. It reminds me of the feeling I had walking across the bridge with them, a feeling that was good, just because.


Taste #4: Lovely Day Cafe

Lovely Day Cafe. 196 Elizabeth Street.

Darling, unassuming retro bar.

Hard to choose from so much goodness...

Truly lovely.

Sepia tone loving.

Happiness is two kinds of ice cream...(or two old friends).

"Love actually is all around."

It's easy taking pictures of such lovely day faces.


To the people...

I love to people watch...In a city it is one of my most favorite things to do. Hopefully my staring doesn't get the best of me and have people feeling uncomfortable. Here are a few little snap shots of what I was intrigued by this weekend:

Cobble toggle dog.

Plaid street rider.

Slate soul.

Say say oh playmate.

Urban picnic.

Have time for a chat?

You get me.

Walking beauty.

Little bundle.

Smoking closet.