Sight #4: John Mayer's Youngest Fan

The cuteness factor of this little video made me smile so big in the library today that my friend Vanessa came around to find me watching this instead of finishing my paper (i'm not very good at controlling or hiding my facial expressions...or so I am told). Check it out.



Sight #3: Thank you to the Academy

Okay, so Oscar buzz usually dies by the Wednesday following the show, but I've only just had time to reflect on this years happenings...Seeing as I also have a paper to finish, I leave these captured Oscar moments of two of the fairest ladies in the business of film making (in my humble opinion)...

I wonder where she will keep her little gold man...

so gorgeous

I don't think I could ever look so elegant while crying and attempting to make a speech in front of millions of people...not even with years of practice. Maybe that's why she won an Oscar?

My how the show has changed...


Touch #1: Bubble Baths

I almost forgot one of the best remedies to feeling grumpy about dreary days and tired of a constant chill...bubble baths, of course! I also haven't posted a "touch" post before, and I think that bubble baths feel absolutely amazing (any time of year, but especially in the winter).

Some people might not be accustomed to hopping in the tub (after the age of say, six), but it is something I highly recommend partaking in, if you have the resources and time (make time).

Okay, maybe you don't want to get in a bath like this one...or maybe it would be kind of wacky and fun?

*My mom used to let me eat ice cream in the bath tub...now that is something you should definitely do, trust me.

Temperature (thermoception) #2: I'm ansty for spring

Once again, the weather has been bogging me down a bit. This time, however, I think I am just truly getting tired of the winter and my body (and soul) are itching for it to be nice out again. I can only take so many months of chill and bleakness...Even when it's sunny out, only my face gets to feel the distant light. March is coming this week, which is almost like a tease, because I know it will still be a while longer until spring is here! Come quick!

Not to be a negative Nancy, but I'm ready to be done with these kinds of days...

Rain + Snow = Sleet, but Sleet <>

I think this tree is feeling the same way as I do about the weather...{image found here}

I can hardly wait for it to be like this!

such a lovely day...and photo {image found here}

I want to transport myself into this moment...now! {image}


Direction (magnetoception) #2: Some spots around New York City

Just a little peek into some of the fun spots in New York from this past weekend's adventure...

First meal location (or more like priority), Maoz:
This delicious (and relatively thrifty) place is native to the Netherlands, started by an Israeli husband and wifey, and has many posts around Europe. It wasn't until a few years ago that it landed in the US of A, and boy am I glad. My introduction to the tasty and filling meal was in Barcelona, Spain last year. With a goal of spreading out our dwindling Euros and filling up on some healthy food, Maoz indeed answered our prayers. You can order a basic falafel pita (for around $5) and then they have a salad bar with all sort of crazy good toppings...cous cous salad, roasted broccoli, marinated carrots, salsas, olives, beets, onions and plenty more...and interesting, fabulous sauces. The best part is that the toppings are unlimited. It takes a special talent, but you can ride out the pita part so that you keep filling up with toppings until you are satisfied (or about to burst...which is what generally happens).

So. Good.

Locations in Manhattan:
38 Union Square East (between 16th&17th)
59 East 8th Ave (between broadway and university ave)
2047 Broadway (between 70th & 71st)

Later on, we headed over to the (hidden) Hudson Hotel...

This is a day shot, but at night, you can barely tell there is something here...Leah thought I was taking her on a wild goose chase or something--good thing she trusted me.

...because her jaws dropped when she saw these cooky elevators leading us up to some mysterious, swanky place.

The lobby in the Hudson hotel...it looks equally cool at night.

Once past the velvet ropes (yes, there were ropes), we found ourselves in the lounge, overcome by the pulsating trendy music, equally trendy people, and a glowing floor.

The lighting is key.

The table we sat at is the cozy one to the right. We had quite a view of the ecclectic mix that made up the clientele that evening. Good thing we both get a kick out of people watching. We sipped on our $16 shockingly sweet drinks for the remaining time and took in the ambiance (that included some Eurotrash, revealing designer dresses, Banker-types, International Industry leaders, well-dressed twentysomethings, tipsy thirtysomethings, a pair of glaringly fake boobs and girls with men twice their age). We didn't know how we fit into all of it, but we managed to have a splendid time regardless.

Hudson Hotel
356 West 58th St. (careful you don't miss it)

The next morning we wandered around The Village and Soho. I wanted to go back to this charming cafe that my brother and I found last May. I couldn't remember the name and after leading Leah around the streets for a while, I had an epiphany that it was on Jane Street!
Grounded Coffee and Tea

This cozy cafe is right up my alley...with organic coffee and tea and homemade baked goods, plus free wireless...I really couldn't ask for more. Leah and I decided three key elements of a good cafe besides the food and drink (of course): Lighting--there is a wonderful, huge skylight in Grounded that makes the whole place filled with natural light. Second is couches...or comfortable, homey-feeling seating. Third is good music--this can be quite a subjective topic, but you want to have something subtle that can be appreciated by most, and at the right volume level. Grounded was as good as I remembered it!

28 Jane Street, New York, NY
Grounded Coffee and Tea {images found here}

Then a hop on the L Train to Brooklyn!

Lunch at Bliss Cafe on Bedford street...

We really liked the font of the sign...good work Bliss cafe.

The place gets quite busy around lunch time, we enjoyed a leisurely stay staring our the window at bustling Bedford street after we were finished.

Full. Yum.

Bliss Cafe
191 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211

After some browsing and shopping around, we recharged at yet another good spot, cafe, ice cream/pastry shop, Penny Licks.

The inside is justifiably as charming as the outside storefront. {image}

All good things.

"The Recession Special" as they like to call it (the small cookie and coffee for a cool $2)...compared to the regular sized cookie, we can see that maybe the current times will shrink our bank accounts as well as our waists?

Penny Licks
158 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Fashion Week!

Bryant Park tents in full force...{image}

What we saw when we stopped by there during the first day...

Street photog heckling an off-duty model for a "candid" snap shot. Her English was surprisingly good for a fifteen-year-old Eastern European girl.

Later that eve, we got our dance on in the Lower East Side at yet another cool post that you might walk by it if you aren't looking carefully enough...Cafe Charbon (entrance to the hip bar part is through the Tabac door).

By day this place is supposedly a really great French bistro...
Most things French appear to be chic and charming without even trying .
This place is a perfect example.

Lively crowd (again, good people watching), good tunes...it's a nice little watering hole if I do say so myself. Credit to my friend Kyle who took us there!

Play that record for me Mr. DJ

Cafe Charbon
170 Orchard St
New York, NY 10002

For only being in the city for a day and a half, i'd say this was a pretty good line up. It was a great start to our long weekend adventure!


Time #2: Long weekends, shorter week...

Getting back into the swing of things after long weekends...and fun vacations, can sometimes be a bit of a drag. I was definitely feeling it on this Tuesday disguised as the first day of the week! The good thing about long weekends often means a shorter work week (or maybe just more work crammed into a shorter time? eesh)! Anyways, the weekend will be upon us shortly...keep that in mind if need be. And truly, you do look really good today.


Happy Valentines Day! (whatever that may be for you...)

People tend to have a diverse spectrum of feelings about Valentines' Day. If you are one of those who do not mind the commercial (often times ridiculous) celebration of love and romance, like me, then you might appreciate the collection of photos below. If you tend to take a more cynical, apathetic approach to the day, perhaps because of a lack of romance in your life, or the recent ending of one, or just because...well, maybe you can re-frame the idea of the day. I like to appreciate all of the individuals in my life that I love (not just romance-wise...because that is currently quite minimal), and celebrate that instead of focusing on the other things that we are told we are "supposed" to be wanting and needing, to be happy and content.

I never really liked the taste of these, but they fondly remind me of 2nd grade and making a special card for my first crush, Matthew. {image}
Pretty in red...{image}

I wonder when chocolate got so closely linked with love? Maybe they needed to sell more of it... {image}

Fire engine love lips... {image}

Road map to my heart (wonder where they sell those)? {image}

Music and love always seem to go well together. {image}

If you are reading this, you are probably already somewhere in mine. {image}

Ultimate romance. {image}

Whatever it may be for you...I hope you have a nice Valentines' Day! Or, just enjoy the long weekend!


Long Weekend Adventure...ALL of the senses

Presidents' day weekend is coming up and I'm headed out for a little tour of some of the most important metropolitan cities in which our founding fathers probably (okay, definitely) spent some time hanging around in...leaving from Boston, making it down to New York and on to Washington, DC!

City sidewalks here we come...and a little love for a certain day that is coming up!
{image found here}

I love travel adventures and road trips...{image found here}

My friend Leah and I probably won't look exactly like this (maybe someday?), but we are headed to the same place.
[FACT: Leah does own a hat like that] {kate spade ad}


There is something about going on an adventure and shaking up the routine of every day life that makes me appreciate freedom and what it feels like. The possibility of going where ever the moment takes you is truly something to be grateful for. I love going to cities (particularly New York) without any sort of set plan, and just exploring and letting the energy of the place carry me. I could walk around forever, just people watching, listening to the noise and conversations... Going solo or with a friend, I like both equally. Although--traveling is often best done with someone who has similar sensibilities to your own (this I have found out the hard way). Leah and I plan to make most of our meals in the apartment we are staying in, but pay for our liquids (i.e., coffee, tea, wine?) thus increasing our opportunities to perch in cool cafes, lounges and bars.


Kinesthetic #1: How many moleskines do I have?

I think I must own around seven different moleskine notebooks. What's a girl to do? I have a journal, a weekly planner, a small "inspiration notebook" that I carry with me at all times, I have the journalist flip-up notepad, a city notebook, and the newest addition to the moleskine family--plain note-taking notebooks. It almost makes my head spin, except that I love moleskines (bordering obsessed)...and they are all different, so I can tell them apart. They also have distinct and unique functions in my life.

I am making this post "kinesthetic" because I like the feel of moleskines, I like the way they smell, the way a pen or pencil writes on them...pretty much everything. I like how they are classic and clean looking, basic and hardy. I am also a little bit enchanted with the "moleskine history" insert that comes inside the books. Perhaps I am just a sucker, or a really good brand loyalist.
{image found here}

These are the new colored, "plain" notebooks that moleskine has recently come out with. I really like the colors they chose, and the two-book packs have two different shades (helpful to distinguish what you keep in each). I bought them to use for my class notes and they are pretty much the reason I so eagerly take notes each day. They are also great just to have in your bag, to stay organized or just for writing down notes, to-do lists, poems, songs, an address, an inspiring quote...the possibilities are truly endless.
{image found here}

I am also a fan of The City Notebooks, which come with a map of the particular city that you purchase--often with the public transportation info and other important city tid-bits. I saw someone who kept notes about each city and glued in cut-outs of restaurants, hotels, cafes and shops that they liked for when they go back for another visit.

Perhaps I should steer clear of the alluring moleskine notebook stands for awhile...at least until I fill up the ones I already have. Not saying that you should steer clear, definitely check them out if you have not already.


Pain (nociception) #2: Australia...burning...

In case you hadn't heard yet...part of Australia has been tragically burning from terrible, out-of-control fires the past couple of days. This photo from an Aussie news site made my heart hurt quite a bit. However, it's also an optimistic example of people reaching out to all the suffering beings. Thoughts go out to those down under...