Billowy Balloons

Ive been noticing a fair amount of balloon inspired photos floating around and I always really enjoy them. Using a simple balloon as a guest star in a photo just rubs me the right way, I'm not quite sure why. It's almost like another lovely person just bobbing there, content in whatever situation they are in...sort of like an imaginary friend (did you have one of those?).


I think this is a brilliant Dior campaign Ad

Adorable balloon engagement photos...{image}
Flying away with a love...sounds pretty nice to me!

She looks very excited to be marrying this dude...or maybe it's the balloon? Something about the pretty, air-filled globes brings out the kid inside.

Mmm...this looks fun and happy. {image}

This was created to be a canopy over an outdoor party! How cooool...

I was never a big fan of letting balloons escape off into the sky (because when I was little, someone told me how it hurt animals that try to eat the broken pieces), but when someone else does it and i'm standing near by, not going to lie, its a magnificent sight. It makes me feel small in this huge, wonderful universe.


Smell #2: Ocean Breezey

Road trip down the coast (west coast = best coast)... {image}
With some lovely friends of mine...{image}

Dipping toes into the ocean...the music of the waves...the warmth of the sun! {image}

It's Spring Break! 

Many a senses...sleepy dreamy naps

It's the end of mid-terms and i've noticed that many of those around me are in a constant sleep debt and in need of some rest. There's something about sleep in the form of a nap that can feel different than just sleeping through the night--perhaps the luxury of taking a break from the busy pace of life makes it that much sweeter? I'm not sure, either way, I'd recommend naps for those who get the chance...and particularly for those who are fortunate enough to have spring break next week!

If you should be so lucky... {image found here}

she looks so peaceful and pleasantly in the midst of a day dream...yum! {image found here}

breezy naps in the afternoon are such a lovely luxury... {image found here}

this doesn't look quite comfortable, but reminds me of when I once fell asleep studying like this...{image found here}

I'm a preferred stomach sleeper, so this looks appealing, but definitely increases your risk of sleepy lines on your face...
{image found here}

Happy zzzzz...

Sight #5: Love me some cafes...

I love cafes...I love pictures of cafes, I love going to cafes, I love daydreaming about opening a cafe...all of it. Anyways, sorry for the brief hiatus...this week hasn't been the most shiny and bright in terms of my left foot, but check out the fly kicks on this quintessentially Parisian charmer. This is a photo from The Sartorialist...which is a whimsical blog that posts pictures of street style from chic cities around the globe.


I am grateful for...

This might sound incredibly cheesy and as if spouted from a self-help book, but lately i've been trying to be more positive and grateful in my everyday life, as opposed to getting sucked into the sometimes dreary mindset of the times. It's not a call for ignorance for what is going on (I realize it is a hard time for many), but more of an intention to be more present with all that I do have... The lovely people I get to be surrounded by each day and the simpler, subtler things and experiences that bring me joy. It really does make things more pleasant and practicing it shakes me out of the default of negativity or disappointment.

If this doesn't make you smile, maybe you should check your heartbeat. {image}

You don't have to be happy all the time (that's just unrealistic), but narrowing in on little things that can bring you contentment can be a huge help. {Sorry Steph, I know you don't like birds...just pretend it's something else!}

I'm trying to keep up my practice by writing down a short list of things I am grateful for, right then and there. My list from last night:

-Health insurance! (my broken foot bone is sure appreciative of this)
-Kind doctors that are honest and good
-My warm and cozy bed that I am about to drift off to sleep in
-Saying goodnight and sweet dreams to all my housemates (and really meaning it)
-Chatting on the phone with my mama
-Hot Tazo Passion tea before bed
-The sun after a snow day
-Sweet music to listen to at the end of the day
-The softest, coziest sleep shirt in the world (I never want to take it off)


Temperature (thermoception) #3: SNOW DAY!!

I have waited four years to finally have an official SNOW DAY! {image}

Everything is covered in white! {image}

And it's freezing...but I might take a walk around anyways.

I love snow today too, but ask me any other day and it will probably be a different answer! {image}

I almost don't quite know what to DO on a snow day, but I think it's going to be a cozy day of doing work, reading and drinking tea. Hope everyone else is safely tucked away...or enjoying better weather!