Vespa me a mint green one, please?

One of my all time favorite classic movies. Audrey makes most things look elegant and utterly chic, but particularly in this scene with Gregory Peck.

If safety, cost and practicality were not an issue (wouldn't life be so nice if these were not issues?), then a Vespa would be my preferred mode of transport. There is something so chic, romantic and fun about these things and whenever I see one on the street, it makes me smile...and want one really badly.

Tux Vespa...how clever!

Vespa having an espresso. How fitting, no? {image}

So Euro and sweet.

This one looks like candy! {image}

They are quite sexy, aren't they? {image}

Vespa collage. {image}

Dapper Vespa rider.

Why don't I live where this happens everyday? {image}

Vespas have history and roots.

Maybe someday I will be lucky enough to get to scoot around on one of these lovelies.