Direction (magnetoception) #3: Life's Journey

She's so nerdy chic, I enjoy it.

I need to stop posting about love. I just realized that its ubiquitous on this thing. Sorry if I made any of your nauseous...looking back I over used it like whoa. Time for a love sabbatical (but in the best kind of way). I think that the above little quote about life can apply to anyone.


Balance (equilibrioception) #2: Actual loving people

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It was too early in the morning for me to just post about Heidi and he who shall not be named from now on, so I wanted to combat it with these lovelies who look as though to be genuinely in love. Perhaps they are fooling me (and just pretty models), but you know how I am about love.
Happy Monday!

p.s. The Hills is on tonight if you want to watch the couple below indulge in their highly toxic and delusional relationship.

Where love goes to die

Heidi and Spencer (Speidi) wed this weekend. If this is real, my heart aches for the state of their relationship. Good luck you crazy, crazy people.


Jumbo love

Today is the day to love the jumbo. Happy Tuftonia Day!

Paper Heart...looks lovely

I can't wait to see this film.


Sight #6: The Chateau

A couple of weeks ago my friend Liz and I ventured to a spot in Los Angeles that we've always read about in gossip rags, but never experienced for ourselves. "The Chateau", aka Chateau Marmont, is a hot spot, ultra-exclusive hotel and lounge located on Sunset. While they do not allow entrance into the hotel unless you are a guest (or with a guest...maybe someday?), the "normal people", like us, are granted the opportunity to frequent the lounge/bar adjacent to the hotel.

The lounge is dark and elegant, with a bit of a sophisticated speak easy feel, while still holding onto its California, West coast, casual chic. We arrived around 10:45pm (on a Wednesday) and found it just beginning to fill up. By 11:30pm, it was getting more and more crowded, much of the clientele looked like industry types or hipster, band dudes in fedoras, vests and skinny jeans.

The ceiling is covered with hanging butterflies and ornate, beautiful chandeliers that make the ambiance sort of mystical and eclectic. The bartender herself was wearing a butterfly in her sassy up do' that tied the whole scene together quite well (very L.A.). The people watching was incredible and Liz and I would chat for a few minutes and then get distracted by some character at the bar. We love to make up stories about what we think their lives are like and write their bios--adding details back and forth. We were engrossed in giggling and catching up, but we both agreed that it was a very cool place to sit and have a drink.

The Chateau Marmont sign peeking out from the lush greenery that surrounds the place.

View driving up along Sunset.

Swanky indeed.


It's a Beautiful Day to Start Again...

I apologize for my lack of posting lately...I've had multiple followers express their displeasure (and waste of internet time checking to see if I have updated) during my absence. It's that time of the year again (sorrrry), although no excuse to fall so behind. Mind you, even when I don't post, don't think I don't have in the back of my head that I need to. That's what my mother calls the difference between intentions and following through. I will try my best to do the latter.

So here we go, a little something to get back into the swing of things. It happens to be BEAUTIFUL out right now...I know that it has been nice in California for some time, but the East has had a finicky April and its just starting to feel like Spring a bit. It doesn't take much to get people lounging outside and taking their shirts off over here. When we get so accustomed to such chilliness, anything above 60 degrees feels like a slice of heaven. I am in a good mood, purely based on the fact that it is nice out.

I can't help but wish I had this Parisian balcony to lounge out of. Instead, I have a nice roof ledge that will have to do for now. I'm all about the present moment, so I should probably go sit out there right now.

I really like this quote, and I just thought I'd share it. If you need this, hit me up...I'll help you.

This photo feels like the epitome of lounging when it's nice out.

Warmth and sun...yummm!

If You're So Inclined

Maybe I'm a little obsessed with love, but I'm all about the idea that love needs to be the new hate, so let's spread it. This is a sweet video (it's 6 minutes), and if you have time (and aren't completely embittered to the idea of love) you should check it out.