Happy Sunday! (hope you're cozy)

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Desktop Imagery

My desktop often gets really cluttered with images that strike my fancy and inspire me and then I forget about them and never do anything with them. So, in the spirit of cleaning things up and appreciating the things I once found cool, I thought i'd post them. There's really no connecting factor of any of these other than they at one point jumped out at me.

Have a good weekend!

Knee highs and sleepovers with friends.

Zooey & bubbly...good combo. (Even if you try to not like her perfectly quirky, indie self, it's nearly impossible. So don't try.)

V Magazine shot

Anthro Spring '10. Paris anyone?

Kings and Queens.

London boy during fashion week. I dig his glasses and overall vibe.

Good to remember.

Lovely lovers.

Cheese. Yum.


Do you remember your first computer?

I saw this dear old Apple and it made me smile thinking of my big brother and how much he loved our first family computer that looked identical to this one.

He and his too-big, horn-rimmed glasses were glued to this thing back in what, 1990? and every once in a while (he was a very nice big brother) he would let me play the black and white very ancient version of the only computer game that existed on it then (some sort of brick braker). I kind of miss floppy discs.


Recently, my dear Father asked me what my goals were. Like life-goals goals. I realize he was asking from a place of love and curiosity of where my head is at, but at the time I was a little annoyed (it was also 6am in the morning and he was driving me to the airport to go back to where I live in New York City). What do you meeean, goals? So anyways, I don't know if this is really what he was asking, but here is what I came up with recently. I need goals, right? Some are concrete and some are not at all.


1. Ride a Vespa around a sea-side city.

2. Eat a mango sitting in a mango tree in the jungle somewhere and then jump into the ocean to wash off the juicy sweetness.

3. Help other people see all of the beautiful parts of themselves and deal with the broken parts in productive ways.

4. Open a cafe. Where a community can come together, meet, greet, eat and feel at peace (at least for that moment)

5. Have a big porch to sit out on during my two favorite times of day...early morning and dusk...and sing songs with people I love.

6. Appreciate beautiful things and not feel silly doing so (hey blog).

7. Make up an original recipe that is then know amongst my friends and family as "Morgan's _______" and have people ask me to make it for occasions and have it go down in history. (It better be good, huh?)

8. Keep doing things that scare me a bit...calculated risks.

9. Never stop laughing (my real laugh).

10. Let the people I love and care about most know how special they are to me and how often I think of them.

11. Speak up. And also have the experience of feeling truly speechless a few times.

12. Be patient with myself and not worry so much about what other people think.

13. Be good to my family and parents, who have been so good to me, my whole life.

14. Sing a child (maybe my own, who knows?) to sleep with an original lullabye.

15. Make someone as happy as they make me, just by them being them, and me just being me.

16. Take breathtaking pictures.

17. Have goals, but not let them swallow me. Try my very best to live within the moment, but remember the past and keep a half-eye towards the future.


Buying things from the Civil War...good, or bad idea?

Well, I bought something that has been made since the Civil War. I figured, if they have lasted and been around this long...then they might be as good as I have heard they are...FRYE boots.

My lovely friend Leah and I took the plunge and purchased (on sale) pairs of FRYE boots this weekend. She has been telling me for over two years how much she wants them and I divulged to her that I had been eyeing them for a while now too (she burst out laughing in her signature silent crows feet laughter when I admitted this). We now have friend boots, as we are calling them.

I swear, I had no idea (pre-purchase) how romantic and nice their editorial/advertising photos were. I am such a sucker for these types of things. It was only after the fact that I saw...I promise.

Could this be considered propaganda?

I mean, really...

They are supposed to last "your whole life"...we will see about that. Right now I am focused on breaking them in and I think it's a situation where delayed gratification is going to come in handy. I'm very happy with my purchase (and probably only purchase for quite a while).


Hope everyone has a nice week!
Here are a few things I saw last week that I have kept looking back at...

Morning citrus. An orange or zesty fruit in Winter can do just the trick sometimes!

Fresh rain. (More like snow on the East Coast)

Busy city hills

Dusk floats by. Woosh...


Hermosa Beach in the evening...

Hermosa Beach has a special place in my heart, since my family and I have been coming here since I was little. Now that one of my beloved cousins lives here, it's funny how often I find myself back at this spot. My favorite times are in the early morning and around dusk. It feels like a whole other planet sometimes.

After it had rained in L.A. all day...an unusual sight to see...but so beautiful in the aftermath.

A post-rain view of the strand along the beach... lit up by the lights of the gorgeous houses.