Thursday Randoms

Something about Spring colors are just simply romantic and graceful.

I need to tape this to my forehead. Or wait...maybe the forehead of everyone I always think are giving me funny looks! Because really...who does care?

My favorite time is when it's time to open windows and let the breeze in!

Yes, sometimes I wish I could.

This would probably be a very nice thing to see in your neighborhood, no?

Time for Mad Men and Mr. Draper to get back on the teevee screen...so we can hear more of this.

Sometimes. I wish I had more concrete examples of this...but then it wouldn't really make all that much sense, would it? Still finding those things.

I'm a sucker for love by the sea.

I have read half of this book. I have read half of a lot of books...it is a terrible, horrible habit. One that I am working on breaking. What a weirdo...who reads half of a book?

Mmm...Outdoor dining is my favorite.

Admittedly, I daydream sort of often. I think it'd be nice if someone ever catches you drifting off to just say, "Oh, excuse me. My head was just in the clouds. Back now!"

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